The Hansen Commemorative Rooms today

The Armauer Hansen Commemorative Rooms remain relatively unchanged since they opened in 1962, but the building and permanent fixtures are now listed. In the room that was once the library/office, you can admire parts of the large book collection that once belonged to Lungegård Hospital, on display in historical wall-mounted cabinets.

In the old laboratory that was fitted out in 1895, you can see the instruments that doctors had used since that time, including some two-arm gaslight fixtures that were initially the only source of artificial lighting in the laboratory. When the laboratory was moved, the end of the first-floor corridor – with its large windows and abundance of natural light – was probably a good choice.

The objects in Commemorative Rooms are owned and managed by The Bergen Collections on the History of Medicine. The rooms are not normally open to visitors but can be experienced through virtual models.

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