Nils Burggraf Tausan Nicoll (1836-1896)

In 1863, Nicoll succeeded Holmboe as assistant physician at Lungegård Hospital and as a physician at Jørgen’s Hospital. He later worked as a physician at Pleiestiftelsen Hospital, where he also lived.

Dr. Nicoll. Cropped photo: University of Bergen Library.

Nicoll was born in Kvinnherad in 1836 and passed the medical exam in 1862. In 1863, he was employed as an assistant physician at Lungegård Hospital and a physician at St. Jørgen’s, a position he held until he became city physician in Bergen in 1868. In the 1865 census, Nicoll was living at Lungegård Hospital. He was 29 years old and registered as ‘Cand. med. Assistant physician.’ Armauer Hansen took over Nicoll’s position as assistant physician at Lungegård Hospital and St. Jørgen’s, and, at the same time, took over P. Jørgensen’s position as physician at Pleiestiftelsen Hospital.

When Hansen was forced to resign from all three leprosy hospitals after he was found guilty of misconduct for conducting experiments on Kari Nielsdatter, it was Nicoll who took up the position of physician at Pleiestiftelsen Hospital.

He worked at Pleiestiftelsen until 1893, and he also lived there. At that time, there were dwellings in the two buildings on either side of the entrance to Pleiestiftelsen, a house for the doctor on the left (south) side and one for the administrator on the right (north) side.

Nils Nicoll, physician at Pleiestiftelsen, sitting to the left, with the superintendent of Pleiestiftelsen, George Alexander Wilson, and his family.
Photo: University of Bergen Library.
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