The victims of the hospital fire

The fact that as many as seven people died in the fire at Lungegård Hospital is said to have made a deep impression on the city’s residents. Six people died in the fire inside the building while one person was severely burned and died a few hours later.

These six people were reported missing by head physician Danielssen in the newspaper a few days after the fire. The newspaper Bergenske Blade reported the same day that skeletons had been found among the ruins, but perhaps Danielssen held out hope that some of those missing had managed to escape and been taken in somewhere without him knowing.

Among those who died in the fire were two boys aged nine, Simon Johannessen from Kinn and Samson Larsen Svalland from Fjelberg. They are listed in St. Jørgen’s Hospital church register along with 33-year-old Nils Ellingsen Lie from Førde and 34-year-old Helge Olsen from Sund, who was deaf and mute. The following is noted beside their names ‘These four people died in the fire at Lungegård Hospital in the early hours of Christmas Day.’ In addition, Anfind Hansen Qvamme died at the city hospital a few hours after being transported there. The church register also lists the two women who died, 16-year-old Berthe Hansdatter and 30-year-old Lovise Gundersdatter Søreide from Askevold. One of them is said to have been a warden at the hospital. The victims were buried at St. Jørgen’s cemetery on 30 January 1854.

Church records.
From the church register of 1853, overview of dead and buried men. ‘These four persons perished in a fire at Lungegård Hospital last Christmas eve’.
The Regional State Archives of Bergen.
Note from the newspaper Bergen Adressecontoirs efterretninger, 27.12.1853.
Advertisement in the newspaper Bergen Adressecontoirs efterretninger, 27 December 1853, listing people missing after the fire.

Notice submitted by Danielssen:

After the fire at Lungegård Hospital, the following patients are missing:
Simon Johannessen from Kin, 9 years old;
Samson Larsen Svalland of Fjeldberg, 9 years old;
Nils Ellingsen Lie from Førde, 33 years old;
Helge Olsen from Sund, deaf mute, 34 years old;
Berthe Hansdatter from Bergen, 16 years old;
Lovise Gunderddatter Søreide from Askevold, 30 years old.
Anyone with any information about these patients is asked to report to me.
Bergen, 26th Dec. 1853
D. C. Danielssen

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